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In 2010 friends of philosopher and linguist Niels Helsloot founded "Stichting Vrolijke Wetenschap".
In all of his professional life Niels was searching for possibilities to publish his work, as a lot of unknown philosophers who don't have the finances to do this on their own. With this foundation we want to create the possibility to be published or partly supported.
We created this foundation with donations of friends of Niels Helsloot to publish a second edition of his (sold out) work "Vrolijke Wetenschap, Nietzsche als vriend". Profits will be used to publish other unknown works.

The foundation is on the Dutch ANBI-list of good causes.
This means donations are in Holland tax-deductable.


The goal of the foundation:
a. To make unknown works of philosophic and linguistic authors accessible to the public to create a debate. Special goals of the foundation are:

b. The (re)publishing (in print or digital form) of the works of philosopher Niels Helsloot (1959-2008) or works about him.

c. To support researchers and authors who work in the spirit of Niels Helsloot, and publish (in print, image or in digital form) their works or works about them.

d. To organize activities that promote the work of Niels Helsloot and the in c named authors and all other activities that serve the goal of the foundation, and all that is directly or indirectly connected to it or promoting it, all in the broadest sense of the word.

Last changed: 29-8-2017

Niels Helsloot

Photo: Niels Helsloot